The Borrman Defender

Coming soon: An EV / Hybrid Restomod like no other - more aero, more space, lighter, safer, and a goald to handle as close to a ladder chassis live axle sports car (on stilts) as possible? yep like a Ferrari 250 GTO.

This is what the icon should have become. 

As you can imagine we are in seed / stealth mode at the moment and cannot disclose too much here for IP reasons while raising more funding rounds and developing the product however we will be updating stuff here before the page behind this 'coming soon' page goes live and we will start selling some of the Software Defined Vehichle and Conected Vehicle products, as well as some of the carbon fibre parts that make sense to buy outside of a full Borrman Defender: These are not carbon for carbon's sake or milled CNC aluminium for its sake vanity pieces - but functional, lighter, tougher parts that do not rust or rot and help make the iconic vehicle better.

The concept ideolgy is mostly / somewhat captured here in the video(s) below.